Complete these details and watch this space to see a what Imp makes of your Impending situation.
Your answers will never be revealed, will only be used as a means to give your reading.

Nom de plume



Should you ever be given 3 wishes...

3 months on an island...
your entertainment is limited to what you can carry in one hand.
What is it?

A fear you live with

Mailing list ok? Prefer not

Your favourite piece of Imp jewellery


You have abounding generosity and earthy loveliness, coming second only to your shining beauty. It naturally follows that all those who are lucky enough to be counted as friends hold you in high esteem and will treat you with the same largesse that they have from you. To avert your greatest fear for the longest time, it is advisable that whilst enjoying your fishing rod, you must remember not to venture too far into the wilderness with teenage American campers with no sense and a boy named Jason. Stuart Membery outfit or no.

Da FluroPorche Dude

Your energy and creativity will be key to success, if you match them with a great degree of hard work for there was never one without the other. If all this is in place, your entertainment can take you into a vortex where you will excel. Ensure you remove your natural Augmented Reality spectacles occasionally.  Or it could go the other way entirely and you could brain yourself during a bungee jump. Practice honesty, particularly with yourself and wash behind your ears for special occasions.

Mrs Annonymous

Authenticity is what you seek even though you have it.  You do well keeping your own counsel and there are answers everywhere which you like to find yourself.  Avoid caving in unstable locations, the centre of the earth, broom closets and small lockable boxes.  It is the production of stupid noises which will be your downfall. Stay in the light.

Meera the Indian

Leave what you are doing immediately and join a band of pirates. This is the fastest way to your dreams. I believe that if you go to Pier 4 at the 3rd stroke of midnight and whistle low 3 times you will meet a ship’s cat who will lead you to the Sydney lair. Pirates are not known for their housekeeping skills so BYO toilet paper and be frugal with it. Waste it not on wiping. Tell no one your plans. There will be many tall and handsome men, but most will be toothless and in need of basic communication skills. Pirate fare is generally Gluten Free, I imagine, so your health will be unspoiled in that respect.