From myths, legends and fairytales, art, architecture and furniture,
imps peep out at us.
Free spirited and joyous they revel in playing tricks on each other as well as humans.
Their magic is extravagant and enchanting but sometimes wicked.
Pranks can include stealing or switching babies and leading travellers astray.
They have powers of invisiblity, shapeshifting and illusion.
A beauteous maiden one moment, a hideous beast the next,
they can create chimeras of magnificent edifices in the place of an old hut
and a frog in the place of a handsome prince.
An imp just can't seem to help itself, even misleading friends.
Whatever their endeavour, their modus operandi is FUN.
Thinking back, may you have been hoodwinked by an imp?
Or perhaps the imp is you.