That’s Right, Ratso jumps in with an alternative genre
combining contemporary jewellery’s playfulness of style
with the longevity inherent in fine jewellery.
Created so the pieces that sing to you on screen
invigorate you when worn
and whisper to you from your dresser.
Made to last as long as you love them,
intended to be put on and left on.
Manufactured and finished in Sydney, Australia by the designer.
Pieces are all as they appear – solid, weighty, intrinsically worthy.

The first series is Imp.

She trudged, some way after the others across the wooden bridge suspended across the marina.
“Jump through.”
It shimmered and smiled impishly from the other side of the missing slat below the toe of her shoe.
She looked back up at the retreating backs of her family.
She stepped into the void.

Why That’s Right, Ratso ?
A serial misquote of actress Dolly Read from a movie serendipitously discovered in a video shop in some seedy back lane of pre-internet 90s Bondi Beach.
Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (1970) directed by Russ Meyer.
Actual quote:
Kelly: Up yours, Ratso!
Nothing at all to do with jewellery but a hell of an attitude.