Quirky. Playful. Engaging. Experimental. Cohesive. A shoving off from the expected jewellery norm. Sleek. Solid. Subtle not screaming.
Jewellery as beautiful and tactile off as on, stand-alone pieces. Sculpture for the body, beginning and ending with the skin, where the mechanics of the piece barely visible.
Cool enough to take you from the requisites of the day to the pleasures of the evening.
The pieces come in a custom designed, hip, eco-friendly box with the materials you need to keep your pieces looking their best. And great for surprising your favourite buddy.

There once was a little girl...

She trudged, some way after the others across the wooden bridge suspended across the marina.
“Jump through.”
It shimmered and smiled impishly from the other side of the missing slat below the toe of her shoe.
She looked back up at the retreating backs of her family.
She stepped into the void.

Why That’s Right, Ratso ?
A serial misquote of actress Dolly Read from a movie serendipitously discovered in a video shop in some seedy back lane of pre-internet 90s Bondi Beach.
Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (1970) directed by Russ Meyer.
Actual quote:
Kelly: Up yours, Ratso!
Nothing at all to do with jewellery but a hell of an attitude.